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Water / Gas Monitoring Wells

Standpipes / monitoring wells can be installed using the Dart / Hand held rig. The installation usually consists of 50mm HDPE plastic plain pipe (for the top 1-2 metres) and then a perforated 50mm HDPE pipe (normally 1-2 mm slotted) to the base of the hole, to allow for monitoring of water and/or gas wells.

The borehole is back filled with washed sand/gravel which is used as filler between the pipe and strata. A Bentonite plug may also be used. A methane bung with gas tap can be fitted to allow for regular samples to be taken. The well installation is usually finished at ground level with either a lockable protective flush (traffic rated) or a raised (0.5 metre high) metal cover. Depending on the site conditions/requirements.


Well Installation Complete
Well Installation with Flush Traffic Rated Cover Fitted

Well Installation
Installing an HDPE Pipe to Record Water/Gas Levels

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