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Rotary Drilling

Geo Site Surveys can now offer Rotary drilling techniques used for boreholes in dense gravel or bedrock.

  • Coring or open holing to depths of up to 40 metres.
  • Rotary follow on to cable drilling.
  • Air, mist or water flush.
  • Capable of dynamic sampling and concrete coring.
  • Odex casing system for sands & gravels
  • Auger solid stem drilling
  • Spark arrestor fitted( petrol stations sites etc)
  • Samples can be logged or sent for lab testing.
  • Small tracked rotary rig suitable for small site or restricted access.
  • Dimensions 900mm wide 3200mm long 1700mm high.
  • Minimum working height 3500mm.(coring/Open hole/Auger)
  • Dynamic sampling 4.5 metres
Please contact us for further information or for our competitive rates.
Rotary drilling in Supermarket
Drilling in supermarket using Odex casing system Rotary Auger drilling in a freezer warehouse
Rotary Auger drilling (-30c to drill through 1.5metre of frozen ground)in a freezer warehouse Rotary Drilling
Rotary Drilling
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