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Cable Percussive (Shell & Auger) Drilling Rig

GSS has added a Cable Percussive (Shell & Auger) Drilling Rig to compliment our exsiting services.

  • Rig approx 6m in height
  • Requires a working space of 3m x 6m
  • NVQ level 2 drillers
  • Borehole logs e-mailed to you within a few days of site completion.
  • Samples can be sent for various Lab testing if required


  • 6 inch (150mm)  &  8 inch (200mm) diameter either open holed or cased drilling
  • Disturbed and undisturbed sampling
  • Insitu testing and sampling
  • U100/U4s
  • SPTs
  • Groundwater depth determined
  • Water & gas well installations.
  • Borehole Soakaways
  • Depths of up to 80 metres deep in London clay can be achieved.

GSS can offer you a competitive prices for small or larger projects. Please contact us for our rates and further information on all our services.



YouTube video showing our new Dando 2000 Mk.2 Cable Drilling Rig

Dando Drilling Manchester 2013
New Dando 2000 drilling at a site in Manchester June 2013

Cable Percussive Drilling Rig
Cable Percussive Drilling Rig

Cable Percussive Drilling Rig
Cable Percussive Drilling Rig
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