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Dynamic Probing

Dynamic Probe provides a rapid and cost-effective means of assessing ground conditions, particularly on sites with difficult access, limited headroom or slopes. This is a simple test consisting of driving a rod with an oversize point at its base into the ground with a uniform hammer blow. The blow count is recorded for every 100mm of driving (N100) and the results presented as a plot of blow count against depth. Probing depths of 5 to 10 metres are routinely achieved and greater depths are possible in suitable strata.

Probing can be used before, as part of or after a main investigation to supplement the data obtained. Samples of soils can be taken where required. The technique can also be used to assess the degree of improvement by testing before and after any ground treatment.

Piezometers can be installed with this equipment to allow long-term monitoring of groundwater levels. Similarly, gas monitoring tubes can be installed in or adjacent to contaminated sites where environmental considerations are of concern.

Dynamic Probing
Dynamic probing next to a wall to determine depth of footings
Dynamic Probing
Dynamic probing on site in Rochdale utilising 4 rigs
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