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Electric Powered Sampling

New Additional Services

We can now offer a totally unique Electrical powered drilling unit which is capable of Windowless sampling, SPT’s etc, the same as a diesel/petrol powered rig.

We replace the diesel power source with a unit that is electrically driven.

The power pack simply plugs into a 13amp socket/generator which in turn runs the hydraulics on the rig but, (being electric) it does not produce any fumes.

This is ideal for working in buildings, restricted area’s and petrol chemical plants etc.

GSS can also offer an Electric Powered Hand Held sampling unit for height/restricted areas.



GSS  Electric WS low 2.1 m & standard 3.2m front ends Electric Power Sampling image 2 Electric Drilling in M&S
Electric WS Low (2.1M Minimum Height) & Standard (3.2M Minimum Height) front-ends Electric WS Low head room working in a basement Euston London Using an electric rig for window sampling and
dynamic probing in a supermarket clothes department


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