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Welcome to Geo Site Surveys

We specialise in windowless soil sampling, cable percussion drilling (shell & auger), dynamic probing, concrete coring/sawing & utility clearance surveys.

GSS offer the following services:

  • We can now offer a totally unique electrical powered drilling unit which is capable of windowless sampling, SPT’s etc, the same as a diesel/petrol powered rig - but, (being electric) it does not produce any fumes.

  • Geo Site Surveys have designed and built a windowless sampling rig fitted to a tracked all-terrain specialist light weight vehicle.

  • Windowless sampling (soil samples are recovered in plastic liners) up to 10 metres depth can be achieved using a tracked archway dart rig.

  • Dynamic probing up to 15 metres deep to BS1377:1990

  • SPT’S (soil penetration testing using open drive shoe) & SPT(C) (solid cone) for sand/gravels.

  • Hand Held sampling for low head room or confined areas were the tracked rig will not fit. Using a hydraulic hammer to drive the samples into the strata.

  • Cable percussive drilling (Shell & Auger) 6 & 8 inch drilling either open holed or cased drilling up to 40 metres.

  • Rotary drilling using a small tracked rig (900mm wide) suitable for restricted access sites. Capable of open hole/coring up tp 40 metre deep using water/air or mist flush.

  • Concrete coring off the rig for drilling on hard standing.

  • Stand alone diamond coring unit (electric powered) for hole up to 350mm diameters & to a depth of 1.5metres.

  • Wall coring to determine the thickness and condition on bridges, pylons etc.

  • Wall chasing, floor sawing, open cut and break out in concrete, brick, block etc.

  • Hand dug trial pits to expose footings, utilities etc.

  • Utility underground surveys prior to drilling/coring or to determine were the services are located.

  • GPR (ground probing radar) to determine plastic services ie. water, gas pipes etc.

  • Water/gas well installations for on going monitoring.

  • SVS Surveys (soil vapour surveys) to determine gas presence before drilling on Petroleum service stations etc.

GSS can offer either a single day’s soil sampling (on day rates) or a fixed/term rate for medium to larger size projects.

Please contact us for a quote and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

GEO site surveys drilling in shop
GEO Site Surveys AT rig
GEO Site Surveys at night
GEO Site Surveys WS rig spt testing
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